Schmetz Machine Needles - Gold Titanium 75

Manufacturer: Schmetz
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SKU: 705ETB5CX75
Schmetz Gold Titanium (Embroidery) Size 75 Machine Needles 5 Needles Per Card 705ETB5CX75 Titanium coated embroidery needle, combining strength & durability for embroidery work. (1 unit = Plastic Pack of 5 Needles on a euro-slot card). The new gold surface coating for domestic/household sewing machine needles has extraordinary properties which makes it very suitable for the sensitive field of embroidery. What can customers expect: 4x harder needle surface than normal embroidery needles. Excellent wear resistance to increase life time usage. A super hard needle tip reduces fabric damage from worn needle points. A larger hard-coated eye for reduce thread resistance & larger yarn allowance. An anti-adhesive surface to prevent clogging along the groove or within the eye. Standard dimensions to allow use on all popular machines.