Janome - Ultra Solvy Stabiliser - 33cm x 3m

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SKU: US40403
Certain fabrics require extra attention when embroidering designs on them. Fabrics such as towelling, velvet/draylon and knitwear all have the added problem of pile on the right side. To prevent the pile from spoiling your embroidery designs it is important that you ‘keep it down’. This is done by putting a layer of water soluble stabiliser on top of your fabric as you place it in your embroidery frame. The embroidery stitches will then sit on top of the pile as opposed to getting embedded into the pile and will result in a more professional finish. The water soluble stabiliser can then be torn away and any residue left can be removed by dabbing it with cold water. Super Solvy is a heavier water soluble stabiliser. It is twice as thick, strong and heavy as the standard water soluble stabiliser and is ideal for such projects as stand alone lace designs. 33cm x 3m